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Interesting concept, but the writing is often obscure and riddled with spelling errors which makes the game confusing on the first play through.


i have just discovered if you scroll down on the chat box it makes the south union rep push the button

i loved this game especially with the twist when someone sets of the nuke but i must ask why apes

Hi, I like this game a lot. Unfortunatly the game gets stuck for me when Oceania finds alien technology. Clicking on the arrows doesn't work so I am pretty stuck. Any fixes

Can you actually prevent the war? I’ve had every country become dominant, but I haven’t been able to prevent the war at all.

As an International Relations student, this sure brings intrigue, amusement, and (unexpectedly) fun time figuring out those four apes polarized power.

honestly I really like the game

i do like the game anyways

is it normal to sit to long and loose the game

great atmosphere!


I think it is a good short game but the premise is not correct. It should be: "Will Oceania be able to avoid a global nuclear war until it can come out on top ?" and not "Will Oceania be able to avoid a global nuclear war and come out on top ?"

Reason for this is that the war is unavoidable, so the only way to "win" as Oceania is to is to get your country on white levels.

There is only one end ?

Yes, there is ! (well, you can "win" or "make loose" any nation, the result is similar)

cool anyway!


Really fun with a nice mix of serious and silly. There are many typos though. 8/10


Yeah, The fact that englih is not our primary language + the 48h constraint and lack of sleep of the Game Jam definetly affected the game

final argument on earth is about nature on an oceanic island 


"fuck you tree"

world is on fire everyone becomes a monkey

What a way to go !

Nice game. Because of the political weight I don't think that it will become popular but is very good and without bugs or bad things. Nice work

Thanks a lot for your warm comment :)

had a funny glitch with text duplication :)


I'm a little confused.

By the end, I got all the way to the end with light gray everywhere, but suddenly RED! DEATH!


I'm not sure what to say. What do you mean by "To the end " ? (Because ending is a weird thing in this game)

I'm sorry you had a bad time :D

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I didn't have a bad time, I just didn't seem to have caused aggression, but suddenly I failed? I guess it isn't failing, just a comment on the inevitable?

I did have fun, either way. The references to history (and the present politics) was very fun, if a little depressing.

ho, good !

Yes, part of the game was about the inevitabilty of the conflict. It's just weird that it happened so suddenly to you. Thanks a lot for playing !


Awesome concept and execution!

Thank you :3 I'll make sure to say it to the team !


This is SO GREAT

Thanks a lot ;3

So like, I got to the part and the South Union dude was like, we close borders. It was all gray and the South was white, but then it just exploded and it was red.

I figured out if it is too good for one country it also causes nuclear war.

Exactly !