The fate of the world lies in one room.
Will Oceania be able to avoid a global nuclear war and come out on top ?

A moody textual stategy game about political tensions.

A game by @_JediMind, @Telicoria and @BlueTheLemon.

Made in 72h in Construct 2 for Ludum Dare 37. (Results)

The theme was "One Room".

(Please don't click like crazy !)

(You may experience audio problems)


Download (48 MB)
Download (56 MB)


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I'm a little confused.

By the end, I got all the way to the end with light gray everywhere, but suddenly RED! DEATH!


I'm not sure what to say. What do you mean by "To the end " ? (Because ending is a weird thing in this game)

I'm sorry you had a bad time :D

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I didn't have a bad time, I just didn't seem to have caused aggression, but suddenly I failed? I guess it isn't failing, just a comment on the inevitable?

I did have fun, either way. The references to history (and the present politics) was very fun, if a little depressing.

ho, good !

Yes, part of the game was about the inevitabilty of the conflict. It's just weird that it happened so suddenly to you. Thanks a lot for playing !

Awesome concept and execution!

Thank you :3 I'll make sure to say it to the team !

This is SO GREAT

Thanks a lot ;3