A downloadable game for Windows

Tiny Clusters by Thibaut Mereu

with Valentin Guyet and Damasius Playwyn.

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Full game release set in 2017 on Desktop and Android

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After crashing on an unknown planet, John meets a powerful friend.

A friend who could bend time and space for him...

A friend who could help him escape loneliness...

A friend who could bring him home...

Could you promise me you'll bring John home ?

A game made with Construct 2 using Kenney Pack.

Tiny Clusters won both Jury award & Audience award at Trophée FLIP 2016


[Demo]TinyClusters-Win64.zip 42 MB
[Demo]TinyClusters-Win32.zip 41 MB


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Hi :) Thanks a lot for the discovery, it's a wonderful game. Simple, but with an original and well thought gameplay, I love it !

Now waiting for the android version ! Wish you the best,


Thanks a lot for your kind words :3